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Who is Black Albatross Media?

BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA is a Cincinnati, Ohio based; Vertically Integrated, Creative Strategist & Solutions Company. A well equipped Leader in providing creative yet profitable solutions to every day Business problems. Many Businesses fail to take advantage of most the tools and weapons available to differentiate your Brand, Service or products. Either they never fully take the leap of confidence or they stagnate and fail to plan; thus, crashing. This is process is how Black Albatross Media came to exist.

Since a kid, I’ve been fascinated with Business, often reading the Business section of the newspaper first. Over the years, I’ve started many Businesses and not all were successful but all valuable in learning the principles of how Business works. Years later, after constantly helping friends Businesses with ideas and suggestions; I realized where I needed to be. I noticed vital gaps and open markets that Businesses neglected to target or was unaware of. Being Solution based, I wanted to understand not only why but how I can close those gaps by navigating Businesses in that wedge. My inner Business Strategist and natural Entrepreneurial spirit came together and founded Black Albatross Media.

An Albatross has a perspective on the world that no other animal or person has; as I do in Business. The Albatross Approach is my company’s personal motto, as well as commitment to bringing your Business goals into fruition, as if they were my own. Thank you for visiting, I hope I can help you be victorious today.”

M. Jai Jenkins, Founder

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The Primary services we provide include:

  • Consultation
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Business/Domain names
  • Creative Writing
  • Producing or assisting in content/media
  • Graphic/Product design

How to name a Business or Brand by Black Albatross Media

“A periscope perspective can limit your Business.”

Our Mission:

To help establish, reinforce, differentiate or recalibrate Brands; with Creative and profitable strategic solutions of sustainability.

Black Albatross Media

Our Mission is built on redefining the way you see Business and primary focus, is to provide exceptional customer service. Our goal is to ultimately exceed your expectations. We are a cerebral, data driven company; that utilizes creativity as one of our main mediums to solve Business problems.

BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

We define customer service as; Our attitude, attention, response and communication: in relation to providing solutions to our customer’s needs. This, in addition to simultaneously providing an enjoyable experience.

Need a Dope name for your new Business, Brand, or Service:

Cincinnati Domains!

For local Businesses to boost their Brand, organic traffic, Create funnels, increase customer retention, raise local awareness and more!

Call now! Hundreds to choose from. Names for your:

YouTube Channel, Band, Clothing Line, Boutique, Beauty Supply Store, Detective Agency, Fitness Class, CBD Store, IV Drip lounge, Blog, Delivery Service, Sports Drink, Affiliate site, Sports team, Repair Service, Talk Show, Sitcom, Food Truck, Book, Cologne, Employment Agency, Documentary, App, Adult Toys, Board Games and more!

We eliminate the hassle of having to waste days and dollars trying to find the right name for your idea. No more thinking of a name, only to find it’s trademarked, headaches from realizing the Domain is already taken or money down the drain!

All of our Business names come with it’s own Domain!

Blk Albatross by Black Albatross Media

The Albatross: Not only does it live longer than other birds; it also is the flyest animal around, traveling over 200 consecutive days at a time without landing.

Business Strategy by black albatross media from blackalbatrossmedia.com

“A Business strategy helps define who you are as an organization; your purpose, customers, competition and details path for sustainability.”

Our Approach:

The Albatross Approach

The Albatross Approach is Black Albatross Media’s commitment to unparalleled service. There‚Äôs nothing that travels the sky more than an Albatross; providing it views that differ from all other living things. This has allowed the Albatross the privilege of having an esoteric prospective on the world. How this is accomplished, is still a mystery to scientists. As is our formula.

This is why we offer the Albatross Approach. Our Albatross Approach allows you to scale a normally periscope perspective, up to a panoramic view of your Business, Brand or Organization and allowing you to see things in its totality. The Albatross Approach covers over 50 key points to isolate a clear path to your Organizations long-term victory.

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The Dopest Apparel Banner for thedopestapparel.com

One priority, One Goal!

To provide optimum customer service experience and then to exceed your expectations of service!

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Allow us to show you a unique perspective: like the Albatross.

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