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Who is Black Albatross Media?

BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA is a Cincinnati, Ohio based; Vertically Integrated, Creative Strategist & Solutions Company. A well equipped Leader in providing creative yet profitable solutions to every day Business problems.

An Albatross has a perspective on the world that no other animal or person has; as I do in Business. The Albatross Approach is my company’s personal motto, as well as commitment to bringing your Business goals into fruition, as if they were my own. Thank you for visiting, I hope I can help you be victorious today.”

M. Jai Jenkins, Founder

Creative Business Solutions, Ideas, and content: Specializing in Branding-Marketing-Domains-Creative Writing

How to name a Business or Brand by Black Albatross Media

“A periscope perspective can limit your Business.”

Our Mission:

To help establish, reinforce, differentiate and recalibrate Brands, with Creative and profitable strategic solutions of sustainability.

All while helping save the planet.

Black Albatross Media

BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

We define customer service as; Our attitude, attention, response and communication: in relation to providing solutions to our customer’s needs. This, in addition to simultaneously providing an enjoyable experience.

Need a Dope name for your new Business, Brand, or Service?

Call now! Hundreds to choose from. Names for your:

YouTube Channel, Band, Clothing Line, Boutique, Beauty Supply Store, Detective Agency, Fitness Class, CBD Store, IV Drip lounge, Blog, Delivery Service, Sports Drink, Affiliate site, Sports team, Repair Service, Talk Show, Sitcom, Food Truck, Book, Cologne, Employment Agency, Documentary, App, Adult Toys, Board Games and more!

We eliminate the hassle of having to waste days and dollars trying to find the right name for your idea. No more thinking of a name, only to find it’s trademarked, headaches from realizing the Domain is already taken or money down the drain!

All of our Business names come a Domain!

Allow us to show you a unique perspective: like the Albatross.

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