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“Black Albatross is more than a name.”

It’s a true representation of who we are, our Approach and our commitment to unparalleled service. There’s nothing that travels the sky more than an Albatross; with views different than any living thing. This has allowed the Albatross the privilege of having an esoteric prospective on the world.

This is why we offer the Albatross Approach. Our Albatross Approach allows you to scale a normally periscope perspective, up to a panoramic view of your Business, Brand or Organization and allowing you to see things in its totality.

 BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA is a Ohio based, Vertically Integrated, Creative Solutions Company. A Leader in providing creative and profitable solutions to every day Business problems. Primary services include consultation, branding, domain names and marketing. Other services include ghostwriting, domain acquisition, producing or assisting in content/media, product design, jingles/taglines.

Domain of the Week !!! Prophal.com

Prophal logo design by Black Albatross Media
Prophal logo design by Black Albatross Media

Prophal is the perfect name for a number of Businesses. If you produce or manufacture male enhancement pills, a marketer/blogger/Doctor for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), A male lifestyle website or producer or adult toys. This Domain is pronounced Pro-File. Easy double entendre for the tagline.

“Check out my new Prophal” or “Style and Prophal”.

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Let’s Connect in Creativity.

When Dope minds come together, anything can happen!

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Black Albatross Media is about redefining the way you see things. Our primary focus is exceptional customer service. Second, we aim to teach, as well as be taught. Our entire Businesses foundation is built upon on two pillars: education and problem solving. We are a cerebral company that utilizes creativity as one of our mediums to solve a multitude of Business problems.

BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA is an Cincinnati, Ohio; Pro Earth Company. We like things all natural. Our company model, organically gravitated towards not just any animal, but one of the top underdogs. Long equated to bad luck; the Albatross, is actually the antithesis. A phenomenal Bird, to say the least. It has the longest wingspan of extant birds and can fly over 10,000 miles in a single flight.

It not only lives longer than most birds, it also is the flyest animal around. It’s on record for traveling over 200 consecutive days. Yes, you read that right and momentarily; the oldest documented bird, is an Albatross named Wisdom. Our Creative Concepts and solutions team, primary concern is customer satisfaction. Allow us to show you a unique perspective: like the Albatross.

A periscope perspective can limit your Business, we help your view to panoramic- Black Albatross Media

Daily, we circumnavigate the world for problems and daily, we produce profitable solutions that exceed expectations.

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