10 way to promote your business or brand while broke

10 Ways to Promote your Business or Brand while broke.

Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur, just wetting your Business toes or trying to save your Business; finding free ways to connect with your consumers is always idea. Sometimes you lack the funds and free is your only option. Free in this case means “no money spent” or extremely little. I want you to essentially understand that nothing is free. Your time cost. Effort and ideas, both cost nothing to extend or give but pays out billions annually. Here is 10 ways to Promote tour Business or Brand while broke but can yield profitable results if done right. 

Word of Mouth

Rule number 1 and reigning champ since the origin of Business. People discussing your product or Brand at home, work, with their family and friends, is immeasurable in advertising dollars. Yes, your product is special to you but what makes it special to the consumer?

You have to create a conversation, which then emotionally connects people to your brand and then facilitates that automation of recognition we demonstrate daily with Coke, Facebook, Ford, and hundreds of others. Add something rare or unique to your Brand or products, something that’s worth sharing on social media; causing them to discuss your product and you’re in Business. This is the #1 of all 10 ways to promote your Business or Brand.

10 way to promote your business or brand while broke

Social Media

There’s no larger free platform to advertise than social media. No other period in history had access to so much information and potential customers than we have now, for free! You can create your own groups and pages, centered around your Brand or product; allowing customers to come to you. This narrowly escapes the number #1 spot of the 10 ways to promote your Business or Brand while broke.

Facebook boost 2 billion users. Instagram is a close second but the opportunities are endless. Snapchat, Twitter, Craigslist, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, LinkedIn, and literally dozens, if not hundreds more; you can promote endlessly for free. If you have exhausted these options after advertising on a consistent bases, over an extended period of time to no avail; then reexamine your Product, Brand and/or Sales Pitch…

10 way to promote your business or brand while broke
10 way to promote your business or brand while broke


Yes text. Create (non-annoying) text campaigns to friends and family (maybe not daily) to remind them of product releases, new videos, and other ways to support your Business endeavors. Once a week is idea, anything over twice will seem like everyday to some people. Make sure it’s professional, brief and only contains the important details.  

Business is a complex game and has much more to it than crunching numbers, increasing profits and raising Brand visibility. So, make sure your texting the same people for un Business-related issues. These include checking up of friends, asking about the kids, making sure that they know they can reach out to you and more. Being human goes a long way in Business. Don’t let your only communication be about you.

E-mail campaigns:

You get e-mails daily, probably hundreds depending on what you’ve signed up for. Those are e-mail campaigns and are highly effective. Even if they haven’t purchased a product from you, they can get familiar with you Brand from constantly reading the name on the top of the e-mail. Hunter.io gives you access to almost anyone’s e-mail for free.

Thinking it’s not in your budget? It is, and it’s free if you know where to look. One option is Mailchimp , who offers a free basic service that works with up to 2,000 people. You can also create a landing page there. You have to start somewhere, start today and don’t stop promoting your dreams.


Posters are still effective and a great way to promote your Business or Brand. They can be placed anywhere (be mindful of local laws) and anyone can see it. Make sure they are eye catching and clearly indicate what your selling or promoting.

What makes posters great are that they’re inexpensive. Go to Dollar tree and get posters, hand draw or paint them and staple them everywhere you legally can. Ask local Businesses can you place one in the window or around their lot. If you think no one will see it, then you have already given up.


Decals are super cheap and easy to use as a promotional tool. They can be placed practically anywhere. All over your cars, motorcycle, backpack, skateboard or anything that people will look at. Everything you own should in someway promote your Brand or Business. Even if in a subtle fashion.

Confused where to start? Easy if you or someone you know owns a cutter machine. It can be done it minutes. Don’t have one, buy a roll of vinyl and an exacto knife on Amazon for less than 10 bucks. Cheap for a traveling promotional decal on your windshield.   

10 way to promote your business or brand while broke


As mentioned before, everything you own should be an extension of your promo campaign. You should have no plain tees; everyone should have your logo or Business name. Hats, jackets, socks, your backpack and more. Give away useful items with your logo too, like a tote bag.

One example is ordering shirts in bulk from a wholesale site like Alibaba.com. They can even add your logo for you. The only downside is wait time for international shipping. Local craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s and even Walmart; sells plain tees for a couple bucks. It’s a relatively low cost to pay for promotion.

family friends pic: how to promote your business or brand while broke.


This one is usually the hardest sell but it just depends on your family. Most people have fairly supportive friends and family so organizing a support group or finding potential investors shouldn’t be an arduous task. Make sure you have a Business Plan first, to show you’re serious. Also cover every detail you can fathom so you can answer any questions they may have.

Whatever your predicament, you are not at a disadvantage. Not even close. Huge companies and corporations lack several things that you have in abundance. Creativity and freedom they lack. Limited by rules, restrictions, pandering to customers; this parochial perspectives gives you an astronomical leg up when utilizing friends and family to promote your Brand or Business. 


Partner with organization or Local Business that need your services and either don’t charge or reduce the rate significantly. Sounds iffy but have you ever read the Law of success by Napoleon Hill or the 48 laws of power by Robert Green. Both will tell you that providing more service than for which pay is rendered, will almost always yield greater results.  

Promote someone else Business and who knows how they may reciprocate the love. There’s lots of free ways to promote and advertise anything your selling. Many networks allow you a space to either find or create your own community. Nothing comes overnight, you have to put in the work. Stay consistent, passionate and positive and you’ll persevere.  

10 way to promote your business or brand while broke
10 way to promote your business or brand while broke

In person:

An extension of networking but with a twist. Meet people daily and listen to their stories, walk the neighborhood and tell people what you do, go into local Businesses and introduce yourself; all of these things will help you further establish trust and build rapport with potential customers, supporters and/or Business partners.

Always keep a pleasing and professional disposition. You represent your Brand or Business in everything you do. People are watching whom you can’t see and don’t know. You can impress or offend equally easy. You Business or Brand idea can work if you work it. Money isn’t required to be dope; you don’t need a million subscribers to validate your worth and happiness starts within. Go luck and see you in Forbes. Now you know 10 ways to Promote your Business or Brand while broke.

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