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Cincy Domains

Here at Black Albatross Media, we know the importance of Domains and wanted to express that enthusiasm with everyone. So, we created the school on the Importance of Domains. We wanting to educate others, we often have a tendency to think we have to go global to make an impact, but it’s really not true. Many people change the world without ever leaving their hometown. So, where a better place for us to start than home? Since, we are Cincinnati based; we created Cincy Domains for Cincinnati Brands.

There more more Fortune 500 Companies per capita in Cincinnati, then there are in L.A. or New York. In addition to that, there are more small Businesses here than you can count. But, when I researched: I realized that very few Businesses in the city has capitalized on Domains and the advantages they provide your Business or Brand. When I research other major cities related Domains, very few were available. Most major cities are very tech forward and so are many of the residents.

Cincy Domains for Cincinnati Brands is our contribution. Cincinnati has tremendous potential to easily become a front-runner for the best city in America and we would like to help. Our list includes…

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and many more Cincinnati-related Domains.

Why Cincy Domains?

We are Black Albatross Media and we realized our city needs Domains. What are Domains? For us all to thrive, our role in helping the community: should not be the same as yours or anyone else. Keep in mind, that a car has over 30,000 parts. They all are needed for the car to exist as you know it and there are thousands of parts; that if removed, will render your car useless.

We are one of those thousands of parts that you rarely consider as valuable, but you can’t move forward without us. That’s the significance of Domains. there are many reasons that; not just Businesses and Brands, but everyday people need Domains. We created a list of reasons you need a Domain name. So, we are the Domain compartment our our local enterprise.

How can Cincy Domains help my Business or Brand?

We created Cincy Domains for Cincinnati Brands. There are many Brands and Businesses in the city and many are just missing a small boost to catapult them into a global brand. Part of Cincy Domains will be (Coming Soon)

This site will highlight all the awesome Brands and Businesses created right here in Cincinnati, Ohio. This will include small Businesses, as well as past and present prominent Entrepreneurs. This city has a very rich history of entrepreneurship that is rarely taught in local schools. Many first, happened right here in Cincinnati.

  1. First Professional Baseball Team
  2. Established First Jewish Hospital
  3. First Professional Fire Department
  4. First Licensed Public Television Station
  5. The First reinforced concrete Skyscraper
  6. First Manufacturing company founded by a woman
  7. The First oven ever built with a glass see-though door was here

We want you to be the next Business or Brand to reach the Fortune 500 and we know that Domains can help in a number of ways.

Different Ways that Domains can Help

Brand Awareness: Pre-Pandemic, over 70 percent of small Businesses didn’t think their Businesses needed a Domain. That is a sad statistic. Sad for a number of reasons. First, it shows the contradiction many entrepreneurs facilitate, by claiming they want to be extremely successful and have their Business or Brand bring wealth, while simultaneously limiting it’s growth.

You can’t achieve a positive outcome, with a negative effort. Underestimating yourself or your Business is implementing a negative effort. This a factor, when asking many failed Entrepreneurs; is never taken into accountability. You have to believe in yourself; assuming your to small of a Business or Brand, will almost always ruin your dream.

They are a seal of trust.

Customers and potential consumers feel more comfortable when they can type in your Brand’s name in the search engine. This, validates you to them as legit. There is a Domain, this initiates the trust to online visitors that you could be exactly who you say you are.

When you say you own a Business or Brand and someone can type it in; validation occurs once your face or name appears and they tend to take you more serious.

Digital Real Estate

Domains are Digital Real Estate. Just as you purchase land to occupy a space and legally restrict access to it, unless granted with your permission; is one of many basic premises to Domains.

Domains are equally valuable digital land, as the physical land we occupy. Many Domains sell for more than Realty does. Clubhouse (the app) paid $20,000,000 for their Domain. That’s a lot of money for a property that was intangible.


All Businesses need traffic. It’s the life of your Business or Brand. No people = no monies. Domains bring traffic. Having the right Domain, you can bring in tons of organic traffic from all over the world. The goal is to expand and rank in the big bucks right? Well, the right Domains can draw you traffic from thousands of people everyday.

People can discover and shop your Business or Brand while you sleep. Domains can help promote your Brand too. A funny or catchy Domain name will cause people to repeat it and eventually, it’ll become popular on it’s own. Cincy Domains for Cincinnati Brands was created to bring awareness to local Businesses and Brands; while educating them on the Importance of Domains.


Domains can very much be an asset to your Business or Brand. Many Domain names are sought by Businesses and Entrepreneurs everyday. If you have a Domain someone else desires; they would be willing to pay a handsome fee to aquire it from you.

Also, if you had a successful run as a Business Owner with a website and decide to retire or sell the Business; your Domain can pay big time! You can sell the Domain separate for a lot of money because of all the backlinks and traffic it still probably generates. Also, you could sell the Business, but keep the Domain and lease it out to create a residual income stream.


Domains can help the community. Easily. Some Domains can be built around community activities and bring the people closer together. for example, can be a place to bridge all the different ethic groups in Cincinnati and allow people to experience foods from other cultures. Same goes for gatherings, yard sales, parades and community council meetings.

Domains have a diverse range of benefits and this the one we’re most proud of. The fact that something so simple can have an powerful effect on communities. They can also be used to create dialogue between to groups of people whom would not normally speak. Cincy Domains for Cincinnati Brands can be a real benefit to the city.

The City

The more the people and Businesses thrive, the more the city does. When the city thrives; schools do, neighboring Businesses do, government, and community relations as well. The city also can benefit from using Domains as well. The local Government, has websites and online activities that requires Domains for several reasons.

When local residents have issues or would like direct reach to a particular place online; the city could reduce the headache of many citizens and purchase the Domains that leads people directly to their issue. One example would be The city of Cincinnati does trash collection but would not spend the money to buy a direct link that citizens can search for. This is why Cincy Domains for Cincinnati Brands are so important.

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