Albatross Services:

Black Albatross Media provides a wide range of services to suit and exceed your everyday Business Problems. Our skillsets, knowledge and range of expertise, extends well beyond those listed below.

The number one service we provide is creativity but our number one priority is customer service. From scratch; we can create Brands, Design Logos, Product Labels, Ads, Create Content, Write Scripts, Copy and more. Below is a Detailed list of services provides by Black Albatross Media.

Here’s how we can help you win.

Creative Direction/ Consultation

Black Albatross Media’s services extend deep under the creativity umbrella. Our Creative Consultations build from scratch: Idea conception, Emotional attachments, Name development, Voice/Tone, Creative problem solving, and our proactive Albatross Approach: Giving you an esoteric perspective on your Business or Brand.

We write and bring to life Characters; through real dialogue and intense audience rendering development. Our Commentary and Content, can indubitably distinguish you from the crowd. Our catalogs includes, dozens of original scripts to assist in you producing engaging, thought provoking, funny or viral content.

Our Creative Consultations team assist in directing projects or we can pick up where your previous team gave up. Creativity in every Direction is our motto and we stand on that! You tell us where you need us to be, we play team ball. Our plan is for everyone to win, in every project we do.

Creative Consultation by Black Albatross Media

Domains can help you protect your ideas and ensure you profit from them.

We love seeing others win; with or without our help, but if you need our help: please reach out to us anytime.

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Incubated Brands
Incubated Brands

Black Albatross Media has a in-house Branding Department: Incubated Brands. We created Brands from concept and deliver to you a fully Incubated Brand/or Business Idea; equipped with all the bases covered. We curate a name, Brand colors, Logo Design, acquire the Domain, build out the website and social media profiles, as well as develop and produce the initials advertisements.

We pride ourselves on thorough research and detail oriented decisions. Incubated Brands is the only place to go when searching for a way to get your new Business or Brand off the ground.

LongFlight Marketing
LongFlight Marketing
Domains The Importance of Domain School by black albatross media


Black Albatross Media has Plenty of Domains.

Stop by our “School on the importance of Domains.”

Learn all about Domains and why you should have a Domain.

Want to start a Business but not sure what kind?

Not only can we find a gap in the market, we can help you create a market within the gap.

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Market over saturated with competition and you need a way to stand out?

Business Naming

Black Albatross Media can help you if you can’t decide on a name for your Business. In no time, we can originate a name and matching Domain for your Business or Brand. Our Creative Consultations Department can help you get a Brandable Name promised to boost your Brand.

  1. Need to Rebrand?
  2. Can’t decide on a new Business name that’ll reinvigorate your products.
  3. Created a new product and can’t think of a name that’ll sell the Brand?
  4. Let Black Albatross Media help name your product! We also have hundreds of Brandable names on reserve. Our Incubated Brands department has created hundreds of conceptual Brand ideas and all come with a matching Domain. Think “Shopify“, “Netflix“, “Spotify” and more. All were completely made up. All catchy, all Brandable.

No one has more has more catchy and Brandable Domains, that’ll boost your Brand and search engine rankings. Contact us today!

CUSTOSERVE Black Albatross Flyer designed by Black Albatross Media

We also have hundreds of Brandable names on reserve. Our Incubated Brands department has created hundreds of conceptual Brand ideas and all come with a matching Domain.

Creative Writing

INVISIBLE WIT by Black Albatross Media

Need Content?

A Ghostwriter?

Help with a script? or looking for a great one?

We can help. Specializing in turning words into a profits.

Not sure you like the speech you have written, let us write help. We love connecting with people through specific language and psychologically proven techniques to captivate and compel listeners. Don’t hesitate, we rarely take days off.

Taglines, Jingles, & Trademarks

Black Albatross Media is the most Creative Destination for creating original Jingles, Slogans and Trademarks for your Business and Brand. We have a deep catalog of Potential Slogans, Jingles and catchy phrases that may already suit your needs. Come and try the Albatross Approach: where we show you your Business from an esoteric perspective. Times change and with that, sometimes we have to update our way of communicating. We’d love to help? We specialize in using words in the most Creative and effective ways. Contact us today and get your new Slogan, Catchphrase, Jingle or Trademark saying. Turn Around in days, but most times, a day!

Here to provide assistance in all your creative needs.

Contact us anytime to see your Business or Brand from the Albatross approach.