INVISIBLE WIT by Black Albatross Media

Invisible Wit

You feel the burn from within.

It consumes your thoughts.

It interrupts your sleep.

You can’t escape it.

You weren’t meant to.

-Invisible Wit

Invisible wit is the Creative writing department of BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA. It is where we tap into our Creative Writing zone and overseer of everywhere our words are used. This is where we eat, sleep, breathe and die for words, phrases, puns, adjectives, analogies, riddles, stories and really long sentences .

Anything with words. Its where we study them, understand them, overstand them, find creative ways to use them and even; make up new ones. This Dept. specializes in writing Scripts, Commercials, Copy, greeting cards, wedding vowels, articles, ghostwriting, S.E.O. and much more.

If you need a way to express something but struggle to find out how to say it, contact us: we’ll not only help you convey it but do it they you envision it. Need a jingle? Or tagline? We can craft a catchy tune in hours.

Lack the kind of dialogue that’ll keep your readers intrigued?

Excerpt from “1530”

“The year was 1530. A small group of individuals, who under ordinary circumstances wouldn’t be neighbors; began forming a community. They all migrated to this location for different reasons, but all were in search of the same things: peace and security. The eldest of all those who lives in this valley, was a native, called Jon.

Jon: was the only person in the village who was originally from the island. He grew up on the Northern coast of the island and had learned every inch of it growing up. Seeing what happened to others, he rarely spoke of the strangers, who he had begun to see on a regular basis. He was nearing 60, and three decades prior seen his whole family perish due to disease. His new wife and baby, parents and siblings had all become sick when the Spanish arrived with diseases from Europe. He somehow managed to avoid the illness because due to the shortage of food, he chose to let his wife an eat the extra bowl of soup instead of him. When they all became ill the next day, he knew it was the meal given by the strangers in exchange for hospitality. He buried his family and moved across the island. He’s avoided people for the last decade and is skeptical of his new neighbors living within such a close proximity.

Sarah: a mother of 2 young boys came to the village after her husband, on a nearby island. They had been promised a new life in the newfound country. Her husband was promised a job, and land after 5 years of service. He completed the five-year work requirement but his promise of land, was a lie. He was soon fired for demanding the land promised to him. Shortly after, he became terribly ill and died without Sarah knowing the cause. Unable to sustain in the previous home, she took her children and left for a better opportunity. She found this valley searching the coast for food and fell in love with the view, so she decided to stay. Her only skill was knitting which initially began because they couldn’t afford to purchase any clothing or materials.

Hakeem: arrived with the Spanish. He was purchased for the purpose of slavery along with 100 other men. The Spanish were en route to Americus, in search of unclaimed land but stopped in the Caribbean for rations and water. He escaped when his captors were distracted gazing upon the breathtaking views. Several others were unsuccessful in their attempts. This was 6 years ago and he’s suffered through horrible hurricanes here ever since. In order to survive, He hunts daily and often fights ambushes of Spanish soldiers.”

BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA created Invisible Wit specifically to help you for that problem. You can even throw out your entire movie script! WE guarantee HIGH QUALITY content and performance in everything we put our name on. Allow us to help, we only need you to tell us what you’re trying to say and we’ll take it from there.

Excerpt from Sunatraville… “The journey from Friex Manor to Sunatraville was arduous on most other occasion’s but not tonight. This was a march that promised immense power and substantial riches. This was in addition to beautiful women, spirits and tables every night, plentiful of the finest provisions.

The soldiers were all engulfed in their own avidity and barely spoke. It wasn’t needed, the melodic cadence of one hundred feet had its own conversation with the darkness and every being they passed en route could comprehend its dialect. Daemar was in front the entire trek and never looked behind him, nor stopped for a moment.

He knew everything he has ever desired was awaiting directly ahead. Once within sight of Sunatraville, he finally paused. Using only hand signals, he directed troops to preplanned positions while never taking his eyes off the candlelight coming from the Castle’s top chambers.


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