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Welcome to our freebies, giveaways and no charge products page. Black Albatross Media is always giving away something. Our first publication is coming soon. A PDF available for free to download and help with your Business. It’s titled “100 Questions to answer when starting a Successful Business”. Sign up here to get the PDF for free.

black albatross media "100 questions to answer when starting a sucessful business"2021
Black Albatross Media “100 questions to answer when starting a successful business” 2021

“The Albatross wingspan can reach up to 12 feet”


Black Albatross Media has plenty of things to giveaway to those who visit our site. We welcome everyone and no one is excluded from our offers. Black Albatross Media is always giving away something. Included with our Freebies, Giveaways and No charge products are:

  • PDF’s
  • SVG’S
  • Book Giveaways
  • Cash Giveaways (monthly)
  • Free Domains (90 day giveaway)
  • 1st place winner in challenges
  • Weekly Contest, Puzzles & Riddles

No Charge Products

Black Albatross Media is going live, with one on one Consultations and Business Advice for Startups and Small Businesses. We can offer free brief Consultations to help ensure you that your on the right track. Need to ask a question about Creative input or direction? We may be able to help you free of charge. We know what it feels like to be the underdog so, we like to help those struggling. If you need Coaching, Counseling or Advice in regards to Creative Direction; contact us today. We can offer you our list of Creative Questions and Perspectives, that will allow you to look at your Business differently. As previously stated, we’re always giving away something. Check back for freebies often.