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Invisible Wit

You feel the burn from within. It consumes your thoughts. It interrupts your sleep. You can’t escape it. You weren’t meant to. -Invisible Wit Invisible wit is the Creative writing department of BLACK ALBATROSS MEDIA. It is where we tap into our Creative Writing zone and overseer of everywhere our words are used. This is …

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10 way to promote your business or brand while broke

10 Ways to Promote your Business or Brand while broke.

Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur, just wetting your Business toes or trying to save your Business; finding free ways to connect with your consumers is always idea. Sometimes you lack the funds and free is your only option. Free in this case means “no money spent” or extremely little. I want you to essentially understand …

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What are Domains?

Want to learn How Domains Work? Great, welcome to Black Albatross This blog covers everything Domain related. From what is a Domain, to Who invented Domains? Why you need a Domain and Is Domains a safe investment? Domains are virtual addresses. They lead people exactly to your location. Domains essentially work exactly like your …

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