reasons you need a Domain name by black albatross media

Reasons you need a Domain name

reasons you need a Domain name by black albatross media
reasons you need a Domain name by black albatross media

“6 out of 10 small Businesses in 2018, didn’t have a website”.

Why do I need to tell you, the commonsense reasons you need a Domain name? With the most of the world moving online, the internet have become such a huge part of our lives. It’s more important than ever to be equipped to survive in the digital space. To do so as a Business, Brand or to control your image; you need a Domain name. Everyone, from the kids to your gramps. Domains are inexpensive, digital real estate. It allows you to control a particular space on the internet. Here are 9 commonsense reasons you need a Domain name.

You don’t own the social media platforms your on, so you can be shut down anytime and your followers: gone. Having a Domain to direct them to your desired destination will allow you to maintain control over where they can find you. Alternatively, Domains can be purchased to build a family website. This allows future generations to go to a family website and see their history, without the old photo albums. These are just a few commonsense reasons you need a Domain name.

reasons you need a Domain name by black albatross media
reasons you need a Domain name by black albatross media

Create an online presence: Whether it’s Business associates, Potential customers, fans, Investors or Sponsors; having an online presence will help them find your Business or Brand. Unless you Business plan is to stay small and limit growth, you need a Domain and website. It’s estimated that by year 2023, they will nearly 17 billion mobile devices globally. That’s lot of people who could also be consuming your content and buying your products or services. To establish that presence and trust in new customers, you need a website.

Its estimated that by the end of the year. 73% of e-commerce sales will take place on a mobile phone. In addition to that, at any given time; over 80% of Americans are searching for something to purchase. As a Business, the primary objective is to generate revenue. Otherwise, there is no Business. Don’t leave so many potential customers to find your competition, get a website and Domain today!  Number 1 in commonsense reasons you need a Domain name.

“70% of new customers learn about a new company or Business via a blog.”

Adds Credibility to your Business or Brand:

There are many Businesses and customers that will not take you seriously if you don’t have a website. Having a website validates your Business to some extent. If you tell someone something exist and they doubt you, what’s the first thing that they do? They Google it. What does that tell you? It says that people believe things to be truer if they can read about it on the internet. Having a website and Domain will give you that visual advantage when people search for your Business or brand.

If you are searching for investors or sponsors for your Business or Brand, then they need to have more than your word to go on. Having a Domain and Website will help facilitate your plans in their eyes. A well-designed site can bring new possibilities on its own. Networking is easier to do, when people can look at your website and feel that you are already established and doing Business. A huge portion of your potential customers are unaware of how to find you without a website.

“61% of people will make a purchase after a recommendation from a blog.”

It shows that you are serious:

When wanting others to believe in your brand, keep in mind; they’ll be considering how much commitment you’ve put in on your own. People don’t believe in people who don’t believe who don’t believe in themselves. One way to convince people that you are legit, serious about Business and expanding: is having a website and Domain. Both, along with hosting; are relatively inexpensive but has huge return on investments.

With over 4 billion internet users, it’s difficult for anyone to understand how a Business would not want an online presence. Most have a Facebook or social media page, which is great but as a Business; this is severely limiting your growth, scalability and future. Your Business on a social media site is at their mercy. If it shuts down, you violate the rules or if you get hacked: it’s all your loss. You have little options to work with from here. Big Businesses know this and many will either take advantage of your situation or won’t bother taking you serious because of such liabilities.

   “Google averages over 40,000 searches per second”


If you’re in Business to grow: in revenue, operation and customers, then you need a Domain and Website. With billions of people online searching for answers, information and products every second; there’s likely, hundreds, if not thousands of people at any given moment searching for what you have offer. Your denying yourself customers, reviews, revenue and opportunities, by not having a website. It’s expected that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be through e-commerce. Your Businesses future, may very well depend on it’s Website.

With 97% of consumers going online to search for local Business or products; you miss out on a lot of potential Business, by having no website. This also means that if you haven’t grown as a Business, this could be a huge factor in why. The internet is growing daily, the number of consumers are and your Business needs to expand with it in order to survive. There are little to no benefits of a Business not having an online presence. The cost are trivial in comparison to the profitable opportunities it can bring.


Domains are sold daily for tons of money. Everyday there is a Domain auction online. There are Domains being sold on craigslist, clubhouse, Instagram, facebook and twitter. Every website needs at least one, some need dozens. Big companies buy Domains too. The app clubhouse just recently purchased the Domain for 20 million dollars. That Domain just possibly broke a generational curse, secured someone’s retirement or bought a small island.

Domains can be purchased for less than 10 bucks. For something that can sell for millions, it’s worth the investment. You can buy Domains as part of your investment portfolio and allow them to accrue in value over time. If you are into finding new ways to multiply your investment, then Domains is another great option to add to your portfolio. Every single Website needs one. Most will acquire more than one. You can reap the benefits of this by buying niche market Domains Or popular/trending phrases.

“ sells for 30 million”


Instead of viewing a Website and Domain as an expense and extension of your Business; how about considering that your Domain and Website is a Business. That’s right. A Website is a Business. It can generate revenue in several ways. Advertisements, sponsors, your products, memberships, classes, merchandise and more. Your website can bring function as a Business if you desire, it doesn’t have to be an extra expense. The most organic way to generate traffic is to start a blog.

Once your Website is generating traffic and hopefully income, your Domain name will also increase in value. Now both are assets. Another way to use them for Business is to lease your Domains out for Businesses to use and pay you monthly or yearly. This is a great way to generate a residual income. If you are into Business, then Domains are an excellent extension to your collection of profitable investments.


If you don’t have a Domain name for your brand and someone else buys it first, they practically hold it for ransom. Buying the Domain name(s) of your Business or Brand saves you from being extorted by Domain pirates when you finally decide to get online. Being proactive protects you from letting others profit off of your hard work. Like with any industry, there are people looking to find the easiest way to make you cash them out big time; this one is no exception.

Having Domains can control and protect what your customers see when they type in your Brands name. If I purchased a Domain with a direct name of your Business, I could then, put anything I wanted on the website and ultimately: affect your Business. Aside from being a great investment, they can protect you, your Business and/or Brand from being robbed by vultures seeking a quick buck. It’s always idea to buy your Domains as soon as or right before, incorporating a Business.


This is different than protection, this is when you secure a concept, idea or something to work on later. Many times, when I have an idea of something, I’ll buy the Domain to ensure that when I’m ready to work on it, I’ll have the Domain already. Other times, I’ve went through my Domain list and seen a name and remembered the idea, helping me start a new project. Domains are a way to secure ideas in a digital format, without a hard drive or cloud to deal with.  

The security of locking an idea safely away in a Domain is dope. Someone can see the Domain but not your vision. You can register it for up to 10 years at a time and you can get to it later. If you’re thought of something and said it was ahead of it’s time, then buy a Domain for that idea and profit of off it later. Domains is a great way to secure ideas, concepts and future projects into a space where no one can touch it. I personally have dozens of Domains that are future projects I plan to work on.

The Future:

Domains are an exceptional way to protect the future. By the future, I mean your family: kids, grandkids, and legacy. Buying a Domain and Website allows you to make a family tree and place it online for future generations to see and read. Everything’s going digital and future generations are going to do some genealogy research, both facts. You can put it online now, ensuring that it’ll be available for future generations to see.

Before in the past, it required going through old pictures and mothball smelling basements or attics. Now, all you have to do is purchase a Domain and website, then upload your picture and stories for future generations to see. Your kids will one day have there own website, online portfolio or Business. Purchase them Domains of their own names, ideas or one to showcase their talents. This could help when they’re being recruited or researched for a job. It could be the thing that helps them get the job.


As you can see Domains have plenty of uses and reasons to acquire them. All commonsense reasons you need a Domain name. Domains not only help create an online presence and control your image, but they help establish who you are to the world. Credibility is important when searching for investors, sponsors and new customers. A Website and Domain provides that. It tells people you mean Business, is looking to expand and for thinking. Domains are great assets to investment portfolios and Businesses. They provide protection and security to ideas, Businesses and Brands. Family legacies can also be secured with Domains by ensuring generations to come will have access to their family tree.

There aren’t many, if any logical arguments for a Business or Brand to not have a Domain name or Website. The world is rapidly evolving to the online sector and brick and mortar stores are dying. Many big Businesses of the past were complacent and lost to the evolution of society. Blockbuster is a perfect example. They turned down the opportunity to buy Netflix and now, it doesn’t exist anymore. Be proactive, assertive and ready to fight for your Business or Brand. Invest in Domains and a Website, they will reward you tremendously. Visit our School on the Importance of Domains to learn more about Domains.

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