School on the Importance of Domains

What are Domains? The Importance of Domain School by black albatross media reference by black albatross media

Welcome to our School on the Importance of Domains. Domains are online addresses. Just like we need an address to visit your home, so we don’t accidentally visit your neighbors; we need an address to visit your Business online.

Addresses to your home, is usually already predetermined but with Domains, it’s the opposite. So you can make up whatever name you desire for your website, Business or establishing your online presence. Domains are a big Business and unfortunately hundreds of millions of Domains are already in someone’s or some Business portfolio.

So, that means, if your new to Domains and want to get your perfect Domain or purchase some worth money, you’re gonna need some help.

Why do I need a Domain?

You don’t need a Domain, you really need several. If you are Branding yourself or a Business or Brand; Domains will not only help you establish trust with current and potential customers, They’ll drive you a lot of organic traffic and future customers. You can buy a Domain and then direct it towards your main social media account.

Now, your Brand’s name is recognized by search engines and when you ready to build a site, it’ll be easier for you to rank due to all the activity it’s generated. In the event that you lose your social media account, you can redirect that domain to another account and never lose traffic.

We created the School on the importance of Domains because we see this question a lot. You need a Domain for many reasons.

You need a Domain because it…

  • Creates an Online Presence: Business Associates, Fans, Future Clients, Potential Investors and more all need a way to see/connect you Online.
  • Adds Credibility to your Business or Brand: Lots of potential clients will not take you serious without a website or online address.
  • It shows your Serious: It shows commitment to your Brand or Business. People only want to invest in those who invest in themselves.
  • Expansion: People all over the world can find you. You can expand to markets you’ve never traveled. Don’t limit your reach, get a Domain today!
  • Investment: Domains can be a great investment if done right. Everyday millions of dollars in Domains are sold. sold for 30,000,000.
  • Business: A website by itself can be a Business. Don’t want a brick and mortar storefront, well start an online dropshipping store with no startup cost.
  • Protection: If you have a popular product, name or brand; online crooks can purchase Domains using your name and profit from it. This prevents it.
  • Security: Have an Idea, Website or product you want to work on in the future? Secure the Domain now to prevent someone from taking your Idea!
  • The Future: Get your kids Domain names now so that they can be ready to control their online image in the future. The internet isn’t going away.

What is the History of Domains?

One of the School on the Importance of Domains main purpose is to educate you on everything about Domains, so lets start from the beginning. Domains have existed since the inception of the Internet. They are originally and still is, recorded as numbers or IP Addresses.

These numbers are too difficult to remember, therefore they are given alphabetical counterparts that makes it easier to recall like, first Domain registered was on March 15, 1985. Most of the first 100 Domains registered include many big name companies and sites that still exist. Some of those Domains include:

How much do Domains cost?

Domains vary in cost, like everything else. Hand Registering Domains through a Registrar is cheap. In fact, we recommend There are dozens if not more, places to register a Domain but this was the place that exceeded our expectations. As a Business, we understand how important customer service is, so we only recommend the best.

At NameCheap, Domains start under $10. This fee registers your Domain for one year to the date. You can register them no more than 10 years at a time. Domains, being inexpensive yet profitable, can become addicting. Once you understand how Domains work, you’ll soon find yourself buying them for fun.

Need a Domain for your Brand or Business?

Are you not getting enough traffic to your website? Do customers forget how to spell your Domain? Black Albatross Media’s School on the Importance of Domains can help! We can eliminate the process of you searching thousands of Domains and do it for you.

Don’t want to keep trying to respell your Business name, then let us! Our team will endlessly work until you have the Domain of your dreams. So, lets no wait any longer. Get your Domain today! Below we have a search bar that allows you to purchase your Domain of choice right now!

Domain Facts

  • Domains were free until 1995. Yes, all Domains; until someone got smart.
  • There are over 400 million registered Domains. Wow, that’s a lot… but it’s also proof of their value.
  • An registration error cause to end up being Proving you benefit from misspelled Domains.
  • sold for 3,000,000. Genius investment that paid off big time.
  • sold for 36.6 million. Makes you all tingly inside, don’t it?
  • Mike Mann set a record of 14,962 Domains in a 24-hour period. No bathroom, food or sleep breaks. I’m assuming…
  • Domains can be stolen or Highjacked! Guard them like you do all valuables.
  • You can lease or rent your Domain out and get a residual income. Still increasing the value of the Domain. Mind Blown!
  • Google owns over 20,000 Domains. That’s a lot of registration fees but every Big Corporation owns a ton of Domains.
  • TLD (or extension) .xyz cost under $1 a year to register. Explaining it’s popularity.
  • .com is the most popular and most registered TLD (extension). Which means its worth the much.
  • GoDaddy is the leads all Registrars in total registered Domains. Those Danica Patrick commercials really worked.
  • A single Domain can become a Business. You can start a Business with a Domain, that’s Dope.
  • Black Albatross Media has Brandable, Marketable, High search value Domains for sale! Contact us today. (we have no shame)

Do I really need a Domain?

Still wondering if you really need a Domain? The answer is yes. Absolutely and unequivocally. You need a Domain because Domains are still the future. The internet is still young and no online site exist without one. The School on the Importance of Domains is real. Your Business is real. Your Brand is real.

The goal is to expand and accumulate more people who identify with your Brand, so you need Domains. More than one, because you need to not only protect your Business but so that you have Domains when you expand. Different parts of your Business may have different websites. If you own a recording label, then the artist need their own websites as well.

Each website needs a Domain and SSL Certificate; both are Necessary Business Expenses, that will quickly pay for themselves. The question isn’t do you need a Domain, it’s why haven’t you gotten one?

New Customers in foreign countries are awaiting your online store to shop with you. Your Art or Photography Online Portfolio will need a Domain when applying for employment or to Contract. There’s actually no reason not to own a Domain or three. The worst that can happen is…you gain more followers.